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Piet Mondrian: catalogue raisonné

This publication presents an overview of Piet Mondrian’s complete oeuvre, with descriptions and illustrations of almost 1,500 paintings, drawings, watercolours, sketches and some items of furniture. The last complete catalogue of Mondrian's work was Piet Mondrian: Catalogue RaisonnĂ© (1998), compiled by Robert P. Welsh (1932-2000), the American art historian and authority on Mondrian’s naturalistic work, and by Joop M. Joosten (1926-2017), who specialized in the abstract work (hereafter Welsh/Joosten 1998). This digital oeuvre catalogue contains dozens of new works, and new information about exhibitions, sales and literature. The numbering of Mondrian’s works in Welsh/Joosten 1998 has been maintained.

Compilation of the digital oeuvre catalogue: Evelien de Visser and Wietse Coppes (with the assistance of Samantha Hoekema)
Texts: Evelien de Visser and Wietse Coppes (Additions and text editing)
Editor: Ton Geerts

First published in 2018
Additions (12-12-2018)